Midnight Rendez-Vous by Kanikuman

Drums inside my head, ancient redrum song,
Chasing the real, chanting no wrong,

The blink of an eye and it's gone,

The stars under my skin, the stripes over my back
Keep the galaxy's child dreaming.

Through his drum he talks of a thousand worlds,
Of words flowed and moon reflections,
Full bloomed flowers upon concrete thorns.

The blink of an eye and it’s done,

Speed travelling thoughts under digits taps,
Typing the inputs of the galaxy's child's dreams.

Metamorphosis of the synapses,
words form all over my laptop,
Voices in my head, ancient songs,

The blink of an eye and it’s on

The soul searching dreams
Of the galaxy's child

Galaxy's Child -  '07
Copyright Future Flavaz
© All rights reserved.

A Maurice Béjart.