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I'll burn alive just to keep you warm until notorious monsters would just jump out of your brain. I'll scream with blue cold letters written on hot screens, just to put you down and freeze you up, à la crème. Cuz sometimes I know how it's important for you to bite the bullet. And baby, if I had wings, I'd fly through your mental waves, just to tease you on The Dead Blog Floating.

Now just answer this and shut up, or cry, as you wish. Why do my shiny little words have to die on the shores of your comments section ? Is it because they went to wonderland without telling alice ? Or did they just vanished out of the chalice ? Just answer this and shut up, or cry, as you wish. And welcome to The Dead Blog Floating.

My name is coco, a girl who likes techno and knitting but political science is what I'm studying. Friends finds me strange, yet delicious, and contrary to popular belief, and that’s curious, I'm not always eaten raw, ya'll get me ? I'm a sushi ! Si, si, oui, oui, that's me ! Moshi Moshi ! And if you want to find me, meet me in The Dead Blog Floating.

Oh ! Got a new idea ! Please baptise me in your fast connection faith made of pixels and bits ! My new name will be... Zithromax !!! Ain't that kawaï like Hawaï ? But maybe Feedo Fleece sounds happier. I'll ask Carl Jung cuz he knows better. Cogito ergo sum, is it all you have to say about myself ? Well that ain't me, cuz my ego goes incognito and I have no existence on my own except when I flow out my nickname with these brand new fonts. And that name ain't Nick nore Nicky. That's why I'm famous over the Dead Blog Floating.

Evolutionary biology, pop psychology, nail polish theory, crumbles that are tasty, intersections of disparate fields of astronomy and… Ooh yeah ! J'adore Paris, la Tour Eiffel chérie !

Bach, Bruch not Bush, Rachmaninov, Borodin, Brahms and, bien sur, Glazounov, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Autumn To Ashes, is that enough ? Ooh, yeah ! J'adore Paris, la Tour Eiffel chérie !

And Azimov, Neuromancer, The Iliad, Dante's Divine Comedy, The Diary of Jack the Ripper, The Great Gatsby, The Bible, Dead Men Do Tell Tales, Catcher in the Rye and… Ooh yeah ! J'adore Paris, la Tour Eiffel chérie !

Baby, just check out my profile on The Dead Blog Floating...


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