I wish I was a Star flying on Air Batucada through sorrows and delights made of candies
"So Glamour" me dit la fille aux cheveux stroboscopiques
"c’est trop beau ton topic"
Sans rire baby, don't try to finger my trigger
don't even try to cope with my fucking self
c’est pas que je suis maudit but I’m just up to no good right now
unless you want to end up listening to sad chinese pop from the fifties
Buvant tes larmes après le saké offert par la maison
"never listen to my inner sound baby"

I wish I was a gate made of gold leading underground junkies
to the deep end of the nirvana
but I lost my last pair of nike wings when she left two years ago
that was the time when I also lost my flow in Cuba
play the music loud deejay and play it fast got no time to loose on the set
champagne and caviar wishes all around the cypher is evolving
from babies lost in translation to hardcore angels crying for mercy
jusqu'au jour où ils diront "Sept Sept Sept" sans faire de bulles
111 + 666 c'est quand même ridicule l'emphase sur ces soirées cosy

I wish I knew how to do the b-boy stance
I'll be a dawn breaker that never sleeps cuz "sleep iz the cause of death"
et chez ma voisine d'en face connasse par intermittence gagnant à être connue
Dalida chante le seul refrain que je connaisse
au son des mandolines "ne laisse pas mourir le feu"
mama was a bitch and papa was a rolling stone
"wherever he layed his hat was his home"
et je suis un mutant survitaminé sans faire d'effusions de sang
un enfant des chemins bétonnés de beats, de pixel et d'attitudes tendances
"destroy every idol you'll find on your path young padawanl"
me dit le vieux Jedi couché sur mon pallier la bouteille de pinard séchée

I wish I could bury deep all "the troubles I've seen"
mais je connais l'or des larmes quand elles pleuvent dans le vent
yep l'or des larmes qui pleuvent dans le vent bébé
so I stay cool musha cool with no booba spleen
dancing on my own fly beat...

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